Your worth is Christ

When I was growing up, wrestling as an entertainment sport ranked first on our list of must-watch Tv programmes. In a child’s mind, it seemed that for somebody to make a name, then wrestling was the career of choice.
I remember with nostalgia Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Triple H, The Show Stopper Shawn Michaels (alias The Heart Break Kid), Bret the Hitman Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and many more.

One of the most exciting things about entertainment wrestling, as offered by big companies such as WWE and Global Force Entertainment, is the fact that the whole match, including the outcome, are scripted. That is why a non-starter like The Miz stands a chance to beat the hell out John Cena. After all, it is entertainment. This does not mean a wrestler becomes lazy and does not train for he knows the outcome is already determined. NOPE! These guys train like no one’s business. All these wrestlers are very important to the WWE fraternity, even though their paycheck may vary.

The Bible teaches us that we are all of great intrinsic value to God. This means that your worth does not hinge upon your achievements or the number of accolades you have received over your fleeting existence. While our society bestows greater honour upon its sports, entertainment, or political heroes, God “is no respecter of persons.” That suggests that winning the Boston Marathon or finding a cure for cancer earns you no more “brownie points” with Him than if you came in the last place or got dropped out of college.

He knows that you can do nothing of material importance without Him, and to prove this He usually picks the most unpretentious of the low to show Himself strong through. Who was Abraham, before God told him that He would make a great nation of him? Who was Moses, when God called him to lead His people out of the hands of Pharaoh? Was David not the youngest of many brothers, when God had Samuel anoint him the second king of Israel? How could He choose a lowly manger as His first throne?

He valued each one of us enough to die on the cross for, even before we even drew our first breaths! He has a plan for you, and He will execute great works through you, despite your deficiencies. It is through those very weaknesses that His strength will shine!
Just keep on training. He has scripted your life and your day is coming.

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