Where are we racing to?

The world is moving at a pretty speedy pace. One is led to think that we are racing towards a specific destination. We are caught up in this ruckus of a rowdy world. The journey of life in this world is punctuated with excellent and evil moments, highs and lows, twists and turns, ups and downs, thick and thin. Despite all this, life still goes on at a speed thoroughfare. As the world scurries to some sort of a climax, so are the fears and anxieties multiplied.

The mixture of uncertainty, selfishness and post-truth leaves a heavy burden on the back of humanity that is already perplexed and bamboozled. However, the journey forth is not slowed down by these affairs. It seems that we are running on steroids. We appear not to get tired or worn-out. To a cursory observer, our strength does not fail us until the last minute. The perceived growth and development are anchored in blood and sweat. And after we become drained, we breathe our last and call it quits; not having time to sit under an apple tree and play with parrots.

Our social camaraderie and jocundity of life receive good strokes of canes from selfishness. This is not enough, as our obsession with objects and materials can sometimes hit through the ceilings to the detriment of our fellow human beings. This is best exemplified in our daily lives. How do we transact our daily business? It is seldom a win-win situation. Most of the time, it is a win-lose venture. ‘Me, I and Myself’ are the crying words from our dimmed hearts.

How many times do we see commercial vans carry commuters in excess just for the love of an extra coin? No little care is given to the comfort and safety of the passengers: they are counted as a means to great wealth. It is typified in every other sector of our socio-economic fabric. It is a culture in which the end justifies the means. Stop and ponder! Is it true that the end justifies the means in all circumstances?

As this is not enough, the already overfilled commuter vans can now over-speed. It is an inescapable pattern of behaviour that is exhibited on our roads. We are as guilty as judged. The degradation of our consciousness and civility is wanton. It is the crying abuse of the 21st Century.

Why do we love things at the expense of beings? I wonder why our hearts have geometrically continued to grow cold. Perhaps we are at that time when the love of many is to develop cold – Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold (Matthew 24:12).

Are we so concerned, like Jonah, with the vine that we have forgotten the human lives in Nineveh? (Jonah 4). I shudder at this thought, but at the core of my heart, I hope not.

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