We went to the city

We went to the city five of us. We approached it from every which way, fast and fastidious. Like shooting fish in a barrel, the first person saw fine thoroughfares. The second one saw skyscrapers. The third one saw a multitude of people. The fourth one saw marabou storks. And I saw the Macmillan Library. It is because I wanted to see the library. I saw it with my two eyes. Was that a medieval architecture? Who else saw it, so that he can help me classify this architecture?

We saw different things. And that is why I consider Gilbert Keith Chesterton accurate.

G.K Chesterton, the author of ‘The Man Who Was Thursday ‘, and many other literary works, is one of the unsung heroes of literature erudition.

At one time Chesterton was a lay theologian, who wrote many articles and participated in many dialogues in defence of the Christian worldview.

Chesterton once quipped, “The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”

Chesterton was right. Most of the time we see what we want to see. And other times, we see what we are inclined to see.

When we look around ourselves, what do we see? Do we see what we want to see, or what God tells us to see? Do we see ruin, frustration and failure? Do we see the victory, and victory through Jesus?

As you reflect on this, and other matters of the heart, allow me to hang up my fiddle beloved reader. So that I wake up as fit as a fiddle, and don’t fiddle while Rome burns. I need to get a wink of sleep lest I slip into winter.

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