We have been duped!

We have a mechanistic view circulating in the world right that mentions that we are perfect beings and thus no need to change and make others comfortable. Yeah, right, we don’t have to make others happy all the time. But we aren’t perfect. Are we?

Then that teaching promotes the idea that we were born in a certain way and we should embrace it. So it goes further to tell us that we must be true to ourselves and anyone who criticises us is intolerant.

Things get awry as secular music, movies, and other propaganda machines are used to brainwash children and youth into the same mindset.

This is pretty odd since these artists are not themselves.  They continually use absurd apparels, colour their hair with the ‘unnatural’ hues.  Are they exercising what they preach?

The difficulty with this “be who you are naturally/born this way” view is that it is a lie and a scary trend to the world. We should not be who we were naturally born to be. We should not accept ourselves as we live now, in the sense of our ridiculous proclivities. Life isn’t about merely eeking through and enduring. Life is about surmounting hurdles and determining to grow in all spheres of our lives. We ought to multiply and become gracious. Contrariness to this is a feel good” philosophy devised to be a handy subterfuge for ungodliness and inertia. That does not mean we change so that we can satisfy someone’s, probably, warped perceptions about us! Nope, we adapt to become better as per God’s desires.

It would be a crazy planet

Can you picture what the world would be like if we espoused this ludicrous conception to the end? Just imagine if we all just embraced who we indeed were, and we never made any endeavour to better ourselves or to improve. This life would have been unliveable!

We would all be retarded. When you get right down to it, we weren’t born with education, therefore getting one would be changing us. Preferably, we should hug ignorance and nevermore master anything. Recognise that God made you “perfect,” so don’t you dare try to change anything about you! Don’t attempt to study math. Don’t you dare learn to write! And reading—well, that is borderline blasphemy.

This will make all of us liars. Being an honest person and trustworthy is something we have to discipline ourselves to be. By nature, we humans are cheats. We want to decrease any scrutiny or ache. Even a small child, having never been told to lie, will typically lie if it serves them: Probably to avoid spanking from the parent. Lies could prove to be a highway of avoiding censure from others, to make a sordid gain of money, and all sorts of vices. Accordingly, we would all be liars and greedy.

Sharing is not something we readily do. Have you ever witnessed two children playing? What naturally happens is that one child will try to go and grab a toy out of the other child’s hand–even if they already have one! By nature, we are omnivorous and self-seeking. We must learn and change to become sounder and more overflowing.

The possibility of having an economy, if the status quo is cherished, is quite remote. By nature,  we resent work. We don’t want to expend energy in serving others. We only do it for the sole reason of reaping back. So if we genuinely were who we were, we would never do anything besides playing video games, watching television, reading books, or amusing ourselves.

We would all appropriate and envy whatever does not belong to us. We have a natural propensity to want things.

We are innately depraved 

If in doubt of this, I suggest you take a young child to a toy store. I swear that before you leave, you will have a sure proof that children know how to covet—even if they were never trained to do so. They will covet every single toy in that store. Can you imagine a life of ‘I want, want, want……gimme, gimmie, gimmie……’

When Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she became jealous of her sister. So she said to Jacob, “Give me children, or I’ll die!”

God did create us unique, loves us, and so forth. That much is true. But like all good lies, this new age philosophy being taught contains both lies and truths.

While God did create us unique, and while God did bless us with distinctive talents, he did not create us “perfect.” He created us “free.” We have the liberty to choose either good or evil. We have the freedom to serve ourselves or to serve God. The Bible is richly plain on this.

Thus to then distort things to make it seem as if God “created someone” to be evil is sheer gas. We are all presented with a choice of acting the way we wish. To spin things and to assume that we should be “true to ourselves,” is erroneous, for we are all sinners and heinous in the eyes of God. To suppose that we are all “born that way” is claptrap. We can choose to be slaves to Christ and not ourselves.

Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

Jesus said that if we stay exactly as we are, we are headed to limbo. “Born that way” doesn’t mean a lot to Jesus. He understands that sin is our nature–and pretty candidly; the excuse doesn’t impress Him at all. We must be born again! Only those who are “born again” will see the kingdom of God. That should be a wakeup call for those of us who want to rationalise the status quo. This one statement in John 3:16 crumbles our excuses and justifications like a paper castle. With one statement from Jesus, every worldview is rendered futile.

But we can change and be transformed

For crying out loud, and for the well-being of the society–don’t be you!! We are all sinners with a sin nature, and yes, we were born that way. I know that, because I’m a sinner with a sin nature, too. No one is a “good person” in the eyes of God (and you are included). There has been precisely one genuinely righteous person in this world: Jesus, and we aren’t Him.

So let us do the world a favour: we renew our mind, embrace his philosophy, and a transformation process will set in. Let us be better. Let us Rise and strive to become more like Christ. We can start eating healthily, exercising and stop cursing, lusting, being greedy,  stealing, killing, and turn from sin. We may never be perfect in the flesh, but we can be made perfect in the spirit. We may never be sinless in this life, but we can be redeemed and cleansed of our sins.

We will never be 100% like Christ in all things while in the flesh, but we can become more like Christ over time. We may never crush sin 100% at all times in our lives, but we can be redeemed by a Christ who did defeat all sin for all eternity.

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