We have a father in God

God, the Lord God, is our Father. His name is Jehovah. He bears all our weaknesses. Our imprudence cannot drive Him away. He puts up with our lunacy. Notwithstanding, as a good Father, He chastens those He loves; lest they ruin themselves in asininity.
He is like a weaver bird; spinning artistic nests for His children. He weaves everything contemporaneously to arrive at something good to those who are called according to His purpose. Our lives are authored and finished by Him.

He is the Beginning and the Ending; the Alpha and Omega; the Start and the Finish.
We all have equal access to Him. We all have the privilege of basking in the warmth of His rays as He raises us from absurdity to ability.
He has made Himself available and accessible to all who want to savour his fellowship. The Bible affirms this truth in several scriptures such as Romans 2:11, Job 34:19, Acts 10:34, Deuteronomy 10:17.

He created all human beings as equal and in His image. He is the Father of all races. He does not look down upon anyone, for we are the sheep of His pasture. He does not belong to an individual, a denomination, a group, a community or a society. He calls all of us into a relationship with Him. Consequently, we must always approach Him with unsullied motives.

He protects us (Psalm 46:1). His shelter is not merely a physical one but a spiritual one too. Not only did He protect Daniel from the lions, but also demonic forces thwarting answers to his prayers (Daniel 10:13).
He does not get bored with our prayers. He does not fear our questions. He is not deterred by our insecurities. He will never stop answering us.
How many times has He endured our stupid theatrics?

His fatherly nature is also demonstrated in His power to provide. The Bible states that He is Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider (Genesis 22:14). He caters for our needs; physical (Luke 12:22-31) and spiritual alike (Luke 11:13). He clothes us, gives us shelter, food, and His Holy Spirit to guide and teach us His ways.
His highest level of provision was exhibited at the Cross of Calvary when He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. It was supererogation at play.

His instructions and corrections abide with us. An excellent father dishes guidance and corrections; rewards and reproofs in equal measure. This loving Father has given us the compass and the map that we should follow to our destiny. His inspired word is sufficient in details to help us lay to waste the Kingdom of darkness and delete deleterious enemies of our spirit.

A father always has a vision for His children. As a good Father, God has the best plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). He wants us to excel in four corners of our world.
He is the one who bequeaths us with high-grade concepts and resources to accomplish them. He gives us gifts and talents. Some are gifted in singing, others in playing musical instruments. Some are talented in football, others in acting. Whichever gifts and talents we have, we should use them for the glory of His name.

He also prunes us so that we can grow fruit. Pruning is painful but the result is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This balances us. A gifted man or woman without the fruit of the Holy Spirit will soon crumble like the chaff of a summer threshing-floor.

Our Heavenly Father invites us to live in love with Him. This is an everlasting bliss; in an exalted place, a high position of holiness. It is an incredible place. It is the Headquarters of goodness.

We can be confident that He hears us when we pray, irrespective of space and time. He delivered Peter from prison at night. He saved Daniel in the den of lions. He delivered Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah. He protected the three Hebrew boys from the fire of Nebuchadnezzar. He is not confined by the walls of a prison. The darkness of the night does not overawe him. He is not startled by the silence of the tomb. He is not terrified by the enemy who roams around roaring like a lion. Fires cannot stop Him, for He is in charge of nature.
Isn’t it amazing to have such a Father?

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