The white elephant

Can I let the cat out of the bag? “Yeah!” I guess that is a nod from Mother Nature. Nature can accommodate all animals. Munificence is not the reason here; for nature is an agathokakological mother. The white elephant has a space to lay her massive body. We can let her blossom in the bosom of Mother Nature, but we do not want it in our lives. We cannot afford to be white elephants in the Kingdom! Unfortunately, the elephant in the room is that there is a white elephant in each one of us.

Nature does not stop at taking care of the jumbo. She also takes care of the little ant. Ants in your pants will make you not be able to chase away the white elephant. You will be too scared even to push away the elephant in the room. Fear should grip you when the ants around and about your territory marshal forces and lay siege. Should they paralyse you? Nope! Do not allow them to immobilise you.

The chickens are scratching all over the surface. They are probing and prodding Mother Nature. Can you see them, friend? You should not chicken out anyway. They are just chickens after all. Do not be distracted by their squawking and forget we have to eject the elephant in the room and do away with the white elephant too. The eagle will take care of the chicken as we confront the elephant.

The process of driving out the elephant is ongoing now, and we can do this by holding our horses too. Why should we run in haste like Jehu son of Jehoshaphat? Driving in madness like Jehu makes you sound fishy! We can allow the fish to stay in their waters. It will not harm. Great things sometimes come in small packages, and we can sing our way out of the hell’s kitchen without necessarily rousing rubbles on speedy horses. We can devour the fish and sound not fishy.

Are you wondering why am saying all this stuff? Wonder no more! I wandered and met the little bird who told me about all these things, and I decided to tell it too – Monkey sees, monkey do. The little bird heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend………

I guess it was a dove. A lovely dove in a great forest is a wonder to behold. I had to listen to the charming dove.

Follow me a little bit, and please do not say, ‘go tell it to the birds!”

I am trying hard to stay afloat like a butterfly. I want to fly like the beautiful insect, but sting like a bee. A deadly sting should be able to send the elephant into a comatose. This will scare away the heebie-jeebies too. When the fears of tackling the elephant are gone, I will surely dance tom-tom on their tombs. No shedding of crocodiles tears for a besetting behemoth.

If it can rain cats and dogs, then nothing is impossible through Him who strengthens us.

We can break the back of the beast. Relentless strikes will finally wear out even the mighty creature. The mammoth got extinct. That elephant can become the inhabitant of Jurassic Park.

We are cut from the same piece of cloth; we are birds of the same feathers. We can flock together. We can do this and even more. Flocking together makes us a mighty force. Even though the Almighty can work with one person, still, there is strength in numbers. We were hewn from the same tree.

I am seeing you, my friend. Yes, you! The one reading this and you look like a snug as a bug in the rug. It is because you know you can drive the two elephants back to the Aberdare Forest. I plead with you then, not just to drive them away, but decimate them too. It is not poaching! Why should we be cosy with what will destroy us one day? Why should we shelter what will stop us from flying high like an eagle?

A sitting duck will soon become a lame duck. And a lame-duck is akin to a dead duck.

We cannot allow this friend. We will fight tooth and nail. We will do it relentlessly. We will not give up. We will do it come hell or high waters.

That potential sitting pretty in you is the white elephant. Those demons you fear confronting are the elephant in the room.

Serve God. Serve humanity. Love unreservedly. Cherish without withholding. Arrest your fears, worries, anxieties, inadequacies and hatred in their tracks.

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