The smart weaver

One of the best ways to draw attention is to remove all of your clothes and go to the street. Run along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi, Kanu Street in Nakuru, Moi Avenue in Mombasa, Jomo Kenyatta Street in Kisumu, or Gakere Street in Nyeri while naked and see yourself pull a crown you may never command in your best apparel.

Clothes are essential. Apart from providing a covering against extreme weathers, they also enhance our aesthetic value. They bolster human dignity by offering individual privacy.

Clothes are so important that Jesus had to mention them in the Gospels (Mt. 6:28; Luke 12:27) as one of the basic needs that might make a person suffocate in anxiety.

The Christian life

The warp and woof of the Christian life are punctuated with commas, colons, semi-colons, question marks, full stops etc.

If you have ever read any book, let’s say a novel – and I guess all of us have – you will realise that a comma is not the end of the narrative, neither do colons nor semi-colons. A question mark raises our antennae. It opens up us to new revelations, fresh knowledge, new thinking. A full stop means a sentence in your life has ended, and another one is about to begin.

The unrestricted view

If you are a Bible-based, Christ-centred, Holy Spirit-led Christian, then whatever that transpires in your life is part of a beautiful woven fabric of God. Any fabric has tiny openings; small microscopic holes. These openings do not mean the fabric is half-done or in a sorry state. It does not mean it cannot offer warmth or concealment. The minute openings are just part of the big fabric woven by God, the Grand Weaver. Consequently, we are not supposed to regret because of these openings. Let us have a mature understanding, the whole story, the entire report – the report of God.

Having the whole picture, the complete outline of the fabric makes us have an overcoming mentality against overwhelming mendacity of the Enemy.

Those small openings in our sumptuous woven fabric make it easy for perspiration to take place. Sweat secures thermoregulation. Lack of it may cause heatstroke. Therefore do not whine about the diminutive openings in your fabric. Disregard them. Ignore the people who can only see these openings and not the whole composition: snub spectators and their criticisms.

Remember the Grand Weaver finished the work. He took warps and wefts and weaved a magnificent textile. None can compete with Him when it comes to weaving. Nothing can rival Him: Not even the artistic Yellow-backed Weaver Bird of Kakamega Rainforest. He does not suffer slips.

Warps and Wefts do not make sense on their own. Jumpers may appear jumbled at the beginning, but they still jazz at the end. They may look worthless when in ginnery but are worthwhile in general shop. Small strands that do not make sense soon turn into a magnificent fabric. Finally, the sense is made of senseless.

Study the big picture. Have an Eagle’s view. Overlook trivialities. Ignore sideshows. And as you look at people around you, see them not as jumbled warps and wefts but as work in progress or better still as complete and magnificent fabric.

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