The only hope; Jesus

Believing in the supernatural is not equal to no more than ninepence in the shilling. Scepticism, as it were, is not worth a plugged nickel to a man or woman either affected by or infected with COVID-19. Atheism has no answer or reprieve to offer to a woman mourning the death of her husband from COVID-19.

Agnostics have little in their quiver to help a woman who has young ones and has just lost a source of income due to COVID-19.

In this sense, atheists have a nodding acquaintance with pain. They cannot see further than their nose.

There is no supernatural. There is no God. Life just happens. There is no afterlife. Why then should I hope for anything? Why should I do any good? The COVID-19 could just be an evolutionary way of regulating human population and creating some sort of balance. Do I have any motivation to do good, apart from the selfish one?

I doubt atheism because their worldview aims at survival and not the truth. Then, how can we know their egotistical charges are true if evolution only aims at survival and not the truth?

It follows then that atheism is a wooden nutmeg.

Why are we then living, if our worldview offers no channels to arrive at the truth and at the same time offers no meaning of life? Life is at best absurd and at worst hopeless. It makes no sense to do good to fellow humans – except when it serves my purpose. It makes no sense to champion a public course. In fact, it makes no point to be alive. After all, we will just die and rot to nothing. And the universe will continue to spin without us. It does not matter whether you killed a hundred people or you fed a hundred orphans. It is pointless. We are all dying into oblivion.

Atheism offers no hope either for the living or for the dead. Life is just life. Atheism is only the best in one thing- to criticizes religion. The alternative it offers is mundane.

Now, how can a purposeless universe, with meaningless lifeforms be a nice place to be?

Christianity is founded on historical facts. That Jesus lived, died and resurrected is factually and logically sound.

Therefore, we can cling to His words. The words He spoke must be true if indeed He is true and is what He said He was.

That there is hope in calamity and death is not the end of everything. That the good and the bad shall receive a just reward.

So, in this time of COVID-19, choose to trust in Jesus. Run to Him. Get hold of Him and He will never leave you, even beyond the grave.

We may be broken reeds but Jesus is our firm foundation.

Now, this reminds me of an old hymn, that my mother taught me when just a boy. ‘We Have Heard the Joyful Sound.’ The first stanza goes like this…

We have heard the joyful sound:

  Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

Spread the tidings all around:

  Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

Bear the news to every land,

Climb the steeps and cross the waves;

Onward!—’tis our Lord’s command;

  Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

The Swahili version goes like this…..

Tumesikia mbiu:

Yesu lo! aponya,

Utangazeni kote,

Yesu, lo! aponya.

Tiini amri hiyo;

Nchini na baharini,

Enezeni mbiu hii;

Yesu , lo! aponya.

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