The only game in the town

The expansive wisdom of Wisemen bolstered them from the pensive mood of maladaptive Herod.

It made them keen to and kin of God.

The expensive idea mooted by forked tongue Herod did not stop the Messiah’s march.

The Messiah mesmerised Herod and his confederates, messed up their methods and marred their egos.

And when it came the time for crucifixion, which was to our fructification, those around gnashed their teeth as they yelled incessantly ‘crucify him…’

They were out of their gourd. How can you dare bay for the blood of the only one with words of eternal life?

The fact that they went against the grain of natural justice is grody to the max.

Against all purposes and intents of ominous humanities, the grim reaper was ripped apart; for He entered the dark places and lit the devastating fire.

And when he came out, all that was said by dissenters was just but hot air. Yet hot on the heels was the good news spread by eyewitnesses who were hot to trot. Without hum and haw, the naysayers had to drop their fake narrative like a hot potato.

This is the message we broadcast in broad daylight, of the only man in town. And we are no under an illusion, for everything can be tested and proven. The sceptic jig is up, and this stubborn truth set their knickers in a twist.

You know what? Resurrection; the Roman guards bolted. They left their place of duty. How can their attrition be described, when Roman military discipline was so excellent?

Based on the overwhelming evidence for Christ’s resurrection, and because Jesus offers forgiveness of sin and an eternal relationship with God, who would be so foolhardy as to reject Him? You can decide to be the Monday morning quarterback. Christ is alive! He is living today and is the only man in the town.

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