The old rugged cross

Who remembers those years? The years we used to run a revival virtually everywhere. On the streets, in the parks, in villages, in homes, in churches…

Those days we used to sing ‘Shuka Baba shuka kutana na wanao…’

Those days we used to charge car batteries so that we could run a revival in the villages.

Those days we used to sing, ‘Mshukuruni Bwana, kwa kuwa ni Mwema kwa maana fadhili zake ni za milele…..’

Those years we used to sing, ‘jambo ni lile lile kuomba……’

The days we used to worship from our hearts – with no reservations or material expectations.

Those days we used to listen to ‘Neno Litaendelea…’

God is calling us back to the Old Rugged Cross. The place where Peter was. The place where Paul was. The place where Tabitha, Lois and Eunice, Phoebe and Lydia were. The place where Timothy tarried. That is our proper place. A place of prayer and fasting. A place of praise and worship. A place of Bible study. A place of evangelism. It is a place of faith. It is a place of glory. It is a place of power. It is a place of victory. It is a place we abandoned long ago.

Oh, how far have I fallen from this place!

I struggled and kicked like a young naive calf in privation of freedom; until I got away from this place. I wanted to have it the world’s way and still enjoy God’s way. I wanted the new shiny, sleek Cross, and not the old rugged one. The old rugged cross seemed uncivilized, unschooled, clumsy, uncultured and anti-culture. The old rugged cross is for old people. It didn’t excite my passions. It didn’t appeal to my senses. It didn’t pander to my emotions. It didn’t get me high.

The old rugged cross was ridiculously radical and rough. It was turning my world upside down. It was eating away at my liberal life. It was chewing at my relative truth. It was biting hard at my cultural Christianity. It was painfully gnawing at my pluralistic worldview.

Shouldn’t we go back to our legitimate place? The Old rugged cross is the sweetest place. It is the place we were hewn from before we grew horns. It is the place we were birthed from just before we purported to know more than the Holy Spirit. It is the place we were brought up from just before we started to play God.

It was a place of a radical change. That fiery place transforms eternally. It changes both the heart and the mind; the whole system shifts for good. It is a place where going back is no option. No amount of atheism can sway you. No amount of spiritualism can change you. No amount of pain and suffering can pull you down. No amount of scepticism can draw you back. It is a place of total and permanent change.

“Sijapata Mwokozi kama Yesu……….” You must be able to remember this one by Mary Atieno Ominde. It is true. Jesus is our only Saviour. We are sticking with Him come rain or shine. Come 5G or 10G. Come COVID-19 or vaccines.

Can we go back to this Old ragged cross? Where what happens in the enemies’ camp does not scare us! Where we fully trust God and His Word! Where we walk by faith and not by sight! Where we allow Him to turn our world upside down, before turning Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and America upside down!

That is our place and our heritage. It is the place that brings out our true element. It is the place of our mission. It is the place of the Great Commission.

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