The gospel music industry

Here I am brothers and sisters, as the drums sound picks me from the drudgery of routine and catapults me without drama. We are not masquerading in dances as we are massively bona fide citizens. The dramatist is motivated as she transfers us into the tranquillity of soul, mind and body. This is the place to be, as it is not a market square of squabbles and squirrels. It is a high place where we extinguish our exaggerations in favour of His exaltation. We are called here to offer exceptional praise and not experimental pride.

The purpose of these pursuits is to take the battle back to the enemy’s market square. Resplendent, restoration, resolve and refinement are embellishing words of our lifestyle.

It is a time for singing and ticking, with no economy of words. We move in stupendous splendour and grandiose balance. Why do we do this? Because we are fully persuaded of palpable victory. These transactions were never meant to be conducted in conundrums. They were rather cut out from the beginning for bigness. Unfortunately many have sought this bigness and in the process forgotten the giver of bigness.

Gospel music has been made into an industry. This so-called industry has been overrun by merchandisers who either bait with a lethal venom or bite with deadly fangs, before selling you for thirty pieces of silver. They attract multitudes and take them to the highest level of emotional and physical satisfaction, but leave them spiritually bankrupt. They are a clique of the so-called gospel artists. To them being under authority, answerable and singing in spirit are vocabularies. Their songs are coated with good news but inside are goofing news. Dry and inane are the outcome of adrenaline-charged concerts.

Contemporary gospel music does not mean contaminated gospel music. Study to show thyself approved. Timothy sat under Paul. Elisha sat under Elijah. Sit under some authority – an authority that is Bible-based, Christ-led, and Spirit-filled. Learn Biblical theology correctly, get immersed in the Word, and then go out to sing. Otherwise, you will poison us to death.

We still have a few worshippers. They are out there and you know them. When they sing, they move people to God. They do not only spread the Good News through art by also through lifestyle. They are the remnants. They can become a Jeremiah; take those who are dangling precariously by hand, and guide them through the processes of becoming worshippers. Where are the pioneers? Come forth and help a generation. Is syncretism creeping in?

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