The eagle’s vision

If I could swap my eyes for an eagle’s, I could see a termite crawling along Uganda Road (assuming that it is not crushed by one of those giant 24 wheelers) from the roof of MUPS tower in Eldoret.

I could make out the expressions on AFC Leopards’ players’ faces from the worst seats in the Nyayo National Stadium.

Objects directly in my line of sight would appear magnified, and everything would be brilliantly coloured, rendered in a fantastic array of shades.

An Eagle uses this compelling vision to spot preys. It uses this ability to gather credible intelligence about the victim. That is why an eagle is such an impressive predator.

When Israelites were about to enter the Promised Land, 12 spies were sent to survey the land/gather intelligence (Numbers 13).

Out of the 12, only two believed God could accomplish what He had promised even amid glaring impediments.

They believed God could not lie.

They believed God could not change His Mind.

They believed God is All-powerful.

They had an eagle’s vision.

They could see what others were not seeing. They were not mediocre fellows.

In life, we require an eagle’s vision.

We need to see more than what ordinary chaps see.

We need to get counsel from the right people; people with eagle’s eyes.

We need to surround ourselves with people who see beyond natural.

We need to consult people who see beyond conventional.

We need to be aware of the ten spies (who happens to be the majority), who interpret the things of God thoughtlessly.

People who lack Godly judgment.

Those who cannot sense the Spirit-charged atmosphere. Those who take God casually.

I have learnt one thing:

The more you spent time with God, and godly people, the more your spiritual antennae becomes sharper.

The more things become more apparent.

The more you can decipher complicated matters.

The more you learn about Him.

Our perception changes, we no longer view spiritual stuff shambolically. We begin to comprehend even that which is far. We become more like Him.

Have a night full of the Visions of God!

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