Stick to your rhythm in sways and swagger

Jeremiah was born at a time of religious and political upheaval. He travelled as he travailed to dissuade his comrades from crooked ways to no avail. Perennial degeneracy and a lack of regeneration made Jeremiah ceaselessly sad and mournful. This gave birth to the label, ‘The Weeping Prophet’. These seemingly unpalatable events in Jeremiah’s life did not water down the fact that he was a great Prophet, appointed and anointed by Yahweh while still in his mother’s womb.

“Alas, Sovereign Lord,” I said, “I do not know how to speak; I am too young.” Jeremiah 1:6 (NIV).

He pursued a well-defined assignment. He never tried to live someone else life. He never strived to ape anyone. He never struggled to imitate his contemporaries – Zephaniah, Obadiah, Huldah. He never became a carbon copy of his predecessor – Hosea. He did not waste his time trying to deconstruct himself, for he already knew the kind of stuff he was made of and the music he had to dance to, and the tune he had to sing along. He stuck to the rhythm in sways and swagger. He pointed out his sophomoric deficiencies but never made a sing-song out of it. He neither made a song and dance about it.

Your tempo should not tamper with His temple. Your flow should flourish even on the floor. That is the time you realise your rhythm is real and reasonable; not rear and reactive.

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