Regeneration is the in-thing

I have observed moths for quite long. They get attracted to light. It is in their genes. They will pursue light to their death. Perhaps the best way to stop this inherent ‘predilection’ is to apply the recombinant DNA technology, or whichever.
Human beings, since the fall of the first man, have ever been rebellious against God. We all have the propensity to disobey God. I would rather disobey God than obey Him.
Correcting this ‘culture’ does not require reformation or superfluous change. It rather requires reGENEration. A complete overhaul of our ‘genetic makeup’. This can only start from within because that is where the bedroom of evil is; the heart (Jeremiah 17:19). And there is only one person who can effect that overhaul. That person is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All other efforts will only result in ‘reforming’, but not a complete change. Regeneration is the in-thing!

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