Real, Simple and about Jesus

One time Nasruddin took up a job as a coachman and he had to drive his master to an infamous part of the town.

“Keep your eyes open,” his boss advised him as he alighted from the coach at his endpoint. “This place is infested with cutthroats.”

Sometime later the man thought of checking on his new servant.

“Is everything all right? What are you doing now?” he shouted from a window of the house he had gone into.

“I’m sitting here wondering what happens to a man’s lap when he gets up,” the Nasruddin shouted back.

A little later the chief again shouted from the window, “What are you doing now?!”

“I’m investigating what happens to a fist when the fingers are unclenched,” shouted Nasruddin.

His employer was enthralled and then enchanted.

“My coachman is no mediocre kid,” he strutted to his hosts. “He is a philosopher!”

Half an hour later he again poked his head out of the window and shouted, “What are you doing now?”

“I am wondering who stole the horses,” replied Nasruddin.

Keeping it real before God

Sometimes we act like Nasruddin; continually faking it until it looks real. Other times we seldom know we are feigning. Unluckily, the mask comes off and our flaws, fragilities and frailties get exposed. I think it’s good to be authentic in life, and more so before God. I have developed a habit of going before the Great God as a vulnerable human, with deficiencies that only Him can rid. That is how we grow; when we admit that we are not complete, perfect and in need of growth. Just like a snake, keep growing, and allow people around you to grow too – don’t be unreasonably too hard on them.

Life is awesome when we acknowledge that we may be wrong, imperfect, inadequate and warped. This helps us to seek God the most; for He is the Most High. He is our righteousness, perfection and completion.

Life is more awesome when we know that with God we can move from one stair to the next one. That stagnation is not our portion is a refreshing truth. We know that we can dance, make merry, party and celebrate as we move from one stair to the next one up on the stairway.

Life is most awesome when we realize that we are strong over here and weak over there; that we can complement and complete each other. You can play the piano, she can sing like a bird, he can play the guitar and I can play the flute. Together we can form an orchestra. And collectively we can orchestrate a revolution like never before. I cover you and you cover me. In this way our symphony is angelic. We can produce a masterpiece that pleases the Master.

Make it your purpose to be open to God, and take concrete steps up the ladder. It is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God.

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