Prayer is not a mug’s game

It’s a lovely morning!
One of my favorite classical child actress is Shirley Temple of the famed Heidi and Curly Top. In my opinion, she was one of the finest child actress of the twentieth century ; she takes the chequered flag of the not so cheerful Great Depression, the sharpest knife in the kitchen. In Curly Top, Shirley prays a very short prayer, ‘and God bless my sister Mary, Amen’.

God came down to our level in the person of Jesus Christ, to show His love for mankind. He regarded us so highly that He deemed it fit to pay the price for our rebellion and bring us up to the code.
He did not stop at that, He taught us how to pray so that we can always be in fellowship with Him. He does not despise an honest prayer. It is not in His nature to despise a broken and contrite heart. He listened to the lengthy prayer of Solomon, and He also listened to short prayer of Peter when he was drowning.
Prayer reaches the Sovereign Lord, and it works. Whether long or short, it reaches the Almighty. It changes us. It changes the environment. It charges the atmosphere and sparks a wave of activities that culminates in victory for the believer.

It is a privilege to pray. Knowing that we have this privilege is imperative. It is like a country that has a stockpile of powerful Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. You just press the switch, and one ICBM is launched that strikes the enemy camp with terror and in devastation. Faith is like a formidable Air Defense System. No missiles, fighter jets, bombers, drones, etc can penetrate an airspace that has a strong air defense system.
Friend, add your two penn’orth.

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