Power under control

One of Don Moen’s classic’ choruses goes like this,

‘Lord, You are good
You are good
And your mercy forever endures
Lord You are good
You are good
And your mercy forever endures’

What differentiates one powerful person from another equally powerful person is not sheer power but personal attributes.

A journalist interviewing Mike Tyson would need to exercise great caution than the one interviewing Manny Pacquiao.
One would feel at ease sitting down with Shawn Michaels and having a heated debate than Booker T.
The sheer power is good, but it is of no good use if it is not embedded in character.

Our God is powerful. He can do anything that does not violate His nature.
He is also a good God. His goodness is rooted in the totality of His character.
His goodness ensures that we are not consumed. His goodness guarantees an abundant life for us.
I love the Italian tyre manufacturing giant’s slogan,

‘Power is nothing without control.’
– Pirelli

The more the muscular the car is, the bigger the brakes.

The higher we go, the humbler we should be.

The higher you go, the colder it becomes. The coller it gets, the more warmth we need. The more heat you need, the intenser the fellowship should be.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Theodore Roosevelt

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