Passionate about kingdom pursuits

Passions are to us what petrol is to a motor vehicle. Petrol will carry the vehicle on flat stretches, straights, and straits. It will help it ascend inclines uninterrupted, and descend declines dutifully.

Petrol itself is just potential energy contained in a gallon of recycled dinosaur remains that must be efficiently changed to the kinetic energy needed for driving. That is not enough, for the momentum is also needed. The motion comes from outside the car, transferred from the road to the car via the tires. 

The momentum of a vehicle is analogous to people around us. We need one another to move from one level to the next one. The same way a vehicle needs the interaction between tires in creating momentum, our interaction with others will create motion that propels us to the next level. A vehicle cannot move from Nairobi to Eldoret on the sand. Like-minded people are indispensable.

Consequently, our passions need to be converted to kinetic energy for movement to occur. Conversion from potential to kinetic energy is aided by the Holy Spirit. He is the one who makes us prepared in and out of season. Every time we have fellowship with Him, a gallon of oil in our alabaster box is transformed into kinetic energy. Take care lest your engine system gets clogged and fail to deliver the required performance. Make sure it constantly gets high-quality fuel – of course from the Holy Spirit.

Remember we are on a journey, and as we move towards Timboroa, Nandi and other highland areas, in the season of long rains, we soon realize how important lights are. We are likely to run into the dense fog that severely reduces visibility. The Word of the Lord is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. The Word will help us navigate in darkness and gloom. Seasons will not stop us from moving.

The King’s business requires haste

Have you ever considered pursuing Kingdom transactions with passion? Have you ever thought of investing in the Treasury Bonds of the Kingdom?

There is always something that captures your allegiance and inspires your passion. What could that be?

In 1 King 19:19-20, we encounter Elisha son of Shaphat ploughing with oxen. Elisha abandons his oxen and immediately follows Elijah. He runs after his destiny. He chases it not with passivity but with passion. He has no time to waste. Elisha is transformed from a farmer to a firm believer. His life changes completely and he consequently becomes a resourceful person to his society. He earns a place in the Hall of Faith – Hebrews 11.

Whatever you need to do in the Kingdom do it now.

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