My space voyage

Looking through the grills of my window lets me see the exquisitely designed sky. Majestic space lies before my naked eyes. The twinkling stars, the open space that looks interminable. Infinite! Unending! The Universe! The expanding Universe! It screams of an Intelligent Designer.

I am taken in by this extraordinary flares of nature. My mind cannot comprehend how this Universe works, but at least I can see things working.

The sky is as dark as a don. The night is as still as a summer sea. Crickets are chirping in joy. There is an intermittent sound of traffic.

As I hit my laptop keys with weary fingers, I can’t stop but marvel at this Universe. This Universe startles me.

I take myself through space, in an enchanting spacecraft – bewitching and bewildering. It is finely built. Sharp and fast. It is exhilarating. It is breathtaking.

I fly away. Far away. So far. To a strange planet. Deep within the space. A terrifying yet adventuresome flight.

I want to know how it looks like. Are there, Martians? Does it support life?

I breathe in and out. I settle on the cushioned seat and decompress. I talk to myself and giggle all the way. I sing my happy songs. I talk to fabulous people.

I go back to my childhood and remember my fantasies.

It appears that the spacecraft is cruising through rough space at supersonic speed. It is not a vrooom! It is not a zooom! I have no thought what it is. My ideation has been stretched beyond natural limits.

I hope and pray that I do not bump into NASA satellite. Wait a minute, I forgot to say this, this haulier is programmed, and I am way far into space.

Will I be able to see dinosaurs? The mammoths? Am I travelling back into the days of Hammurabi or the future? Am I moving in space and time or space alone?

I can observe things I have never contemplated. I can imagine creatures I have never witnessed. White, black, red, blue, orange, purple, and perhaps colourless. Tall, short, stout, slender……and perhaps, not at all.

Wow, that giant Marabou Stork! The miniature pelican!

The purple ocean! The violet soil.

The green beaches are stretching from coast to coast.

My journey advances. I think I have covered a zillion miles now. It is getting colder, and I can detect buzzing drifts in the space. Perhaps the spacecraft is being struck with missiles fired by Martians.

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