My experience as a Christian blogger, Part One

Today I woke up feeling lethargic, but am as sound as a barrel, and firing from all the cylinders. As I start sharing my three and a half years blogging experiences, I would like to draw your attention to the words of Jonathan Hayashi’s, “Linguists tell us that we have not had thought until we can articulate it through in writing. Therefore, the more we put our thoughts down on paper, the more firmly they are formed in our minds.”

“Putting my thoughts down on paper has helped in shaping my convictions.”

I acquired a taste for writing several years ago. One of my close friends ‘aided and abetted’ this proclivity by infrequently announcing in my ears, that it was not fit to withhold that which is fit for public consumption.

I ignored him. So he gave up. Of course, it was none of his business. Moreover, it was not an essential transaction to undertake. Nonetheless, the seed had been planted. It was a good seed and chances that it would one day germinates were not distant. It just needed the right conditions: warmth, oxygen and water.

“Have you considered the fact that your close friends could be right! Or perhaps, wrong!”

Art is long, and life is short

The year was 2016 and September is the month I went busily as a cranberry merchant. Warmth came in in shapes of fellowship – vertical and horizontal; oxygen in the form of the work of the Holy Spirit; and water with contours of the freshness of ideas and perceptible horizons. I heard a preacher speak to me, ‘Run after your destiny,’ and I took off like a cheetah. 

“There is nothing as important as listening. Talk less and listen more.”

I had never blogged before. I had insufficient information on the ‘hows’ of blogging. I just dived into murky waters and started swimming like a fish, as I held my breath lest I sink like a rock. The ‘hows’ involved getting someone who could help me start a free WordPress blog. After a short time, I realised that this platform had severe limits. Consequently, I went on the rampage again, looking for someone who could help me have a platform that offered few if any, limitations. The unwanted April showers ushered in blossoming May flowers.

“Learn to learn on the job. Do not wait for the ‘right time.’ It may never come.”

By December 2016, I had at least, a better platform. It was a good one for the moment. A journey to self-expression had begun. I took to writing to share life experiences, most straightforwardly, peradventure one person might be blessed.

How I categorised my posts and the ‘why’ question.

The Bible is the most significant ‘book’ to any Christian who relishes and craves for spiritual growth. Christians ought to be Bible students.

Studying the Scriptures in fellowship with the Holy Spirit (He is not hopelessly waiting for our fellowship as He is already in fellowship with God the Father and God the Son) brought about spiritual illumination. I could not help but share it. And this gave birth to Meditation and Devotionals Category in my writings.

“Christian Blogging requires serious fellowship with your Bible and the Holy Spirit.”

Day after day, we learn from our own and other peoples’ experiences. We read what they write and hear what they say. It inspires our lives. It enhances our lifestyles and invigorates our spirits; different strokes for different folks. The Inspiration Category was founded on this background.

“Share experiences in your writing. Learn to compare notes.”

Previously, before even I thought of expressing myself through blogs, I had had several run-ins with sceptics. You know those guys who belittle your faith, taunts and make you look silly! I am talking about those guys. They were the impetus to start a Christian Apologetics Category. The aim was, and still is, to use the platform in equipping Christians, and preparing them to provide an answer to everyone who asks them the reason for their hope. I am a Christian. I am supposed to, first revere Christ in my heart, and secondly be prepared to respond to objections aimed at my faith, in gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). I expected a good number of Christians, primarily the youth, to participate in this, so that we could form a formidable battalion, that will demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. A shock on me! Few showed interest.

“Gnosticism has been re-emerging – the so-called Christian Gnosticism, and the Church must be aware of this. New Age Movement, Relativism, Post-truth, Atheism, Humanism are now household names/phrases. Internet connectivity has made it possible to convey conspiracy theories and falsehood about Christianity. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are being used to undermine the faith of the unsuspecting elects.”  

In this area, I have been inspired first, by our very own Kenyan Christian apologist John Njoroge (of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries). Others include William Lane Craig, Daniel B. Wallace, Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel, R.C Sproul, Alvin Plantinga, Michael Licona, Craig Evans, Darrell Bock, Gary Herbamas, James White, John Lennox, Vince Vitalis, Norman Geisler, Greg Koukl, C.S. Lewis, Frank Turek, J.P. Moreland and Nabeel Qureshi.

My propensity for history and current affairs is unquestionable and runs down to my Primary School days. My appetite to know what happened and what is happening is unquenchable. In this, I am a confirmed glutton. Perhaps, I was kissed by Adephagia of the Ancient Greeks. For the blog, a Category was created to handle Contemporary Christianity.

“As a blogger, you have to read intensely and extensively. There is no bypass.” 

I also write Wisdom for Christian Living and random posts that I do not categorise.

I will stop right here for today. But this will not end well without sending a shout-out to all my readers, fans and mentors. I value you, your time and input. You are my greatest inspiration.

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