This is who you really are_ a precious child of God

Every twist has a do it; a spin in life calls for an action, a quick-thinking followed by a deed. A twist means you do something.

Every turn has a done; a change in life marks the end of something and the beginning of another one. When you see a turn, for sure know that something has been completed and newness is on the horizon. Embrace it.

Every up in life has a tap; fetch as more as you can, not just for yourself but for humanity. When you are up, remember those who are still down.

Every down in life has a town; not every lowly place is awful, you can still find a town there, or create your own

Every thick in life has a tick (✓); a difficulty in life could present an opportunity to arise and shine, expect and excel

Every thin in life has a seed; diminishing of one thing could be the germination of new one

Every loss in life has a pause; a subtraction leaves you carrying more than you can manage. Pause and reflect. Relax and rest. Thereafter, it is a time to let the engine open more valves and roar past losses, for a load of losses can crush you.

Every love has a lawn; a lawn calls for care, not just care but tender care. The other lawn starts looking lush and green when you neglect yours.

Life is made of twists and turns, ups and downs, thick and thin, love and loss. But in all these, we thrive without bribe, flourish without flouts, grow without crawls, develop without deviations, burgeon without bludgeons, bloom without gloom, blossom without plosion, advance without advantages, and succeed without dissections.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13 (NIV

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