Lessons from Malta

A couple of months ago I studied the book of Acts 28:1-6. And I must confess that I was richly blessed. I feel obliged to share some of the lessons I learnt from the text, trusting you will be blessed too.

1. Paul and his comrades chanced upon a fire that had been started by strangers

The God of the Bible is a Provider (Genesis 22:14). He is a God who provides for all our needs (Philippians 4:19). He supplied Paul with fire at the time he needed it the most. His ability to provide is utmost and unrivalled. He demonstrated His supererogation at the Cross of Calvary. His moral goodness is beyond human comprehension. He is the one who supplies the idea that brings in success. He is the one who brings strangers into our lives. These strangers start fires that dry our rain-soaked apparels and warm our ice-cold bodies. Can you notice strangers around your life that turned into angels?

2. Paul went about looking for wood to add to the fire the strangers had lit.

Paul did not settle down in comfort and waited until the fire died down. We need to always add on to what we have received from Him. We are co-labourers with God. The fire that we started with is likely to shimmer if we do not collect more wood and add to it (Philippians 2:12). We grow cold when we do not keep the fire burning. The initial kindness of God should be the bedrock of eternal warmth in our hearts. This warmth should not only warm us but everyone around us.

3. Paul went out of the way to collect firewood, not just for himself but for the whole company.

It is an act of selflessness. Christianity is founded on the message of selfless Christ dying for the sins of selfish human beings. The Fire Jesus lit for us is supposed to profit others. We do not collect firewood because others are collecting (caring). We do not gripe if they do not join us. Our lives are supposed to radiate light and warmth that can penetrate even the darkest and the coldest of lives. On the other hand, it is a sign of prudence and maturity to help others collect firewood.

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