Rise from the ash

Our lives have been laced with grace sufficient to run the race in less than no time

In less than no time we dine, wine and not whine here and hereafter with Him

With him and team, we beam and seal seams

Seems seams have no themes save blank reams with no realms


Lean on Him like the dean of life study and deal with it like tiller of strawberry

Strut in strait straight and tall lest you rest before your best

Best is not behind the bend but around the corner

Corner like Connaught and dance in tandem


Tandem is the game of those who came and same for those who tame

Tame lethargy like lethal lancehead and free tenacity like lovely Taita Falcon

Faith in God as days goes by

Go from low to peaks that others freak like creeks


Greet greatness with treatment

Treat fellows not like felons but like friends

Fiends are foes and not fans thus force them far like fascists

Fasten yourself on the bastion of mercy and berserk you won’t go


Go forth and conquer a fort effortlessly coz you are aboard the boat of Master

Muster the courage and take timidness to the garage

Callousness will coil and collapse like a collar

And the journal of my fingers will continue with sheer cheer and no tears of jeer

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