Jonah’s kitchen

It has been devastatingly cold, but I know we are facing this onslaught with boldness. The ebb and flow of the weather cannot weather down our warmth as humans. We call the tune and the weather dances.

This season reminds us of the spiritual warmth we, as Christians, can get in fellowship with the Trinity and other believers. Spiritual coldness is bad in the sense that it leaves us spiritually inert, jittery, fickle, sickly, and distressed.

As we wrestle with this unrelenting cold, which is here today, gone tomorrow, let us share instructions from Prophet Jonah.

The iron-willed prophet

Jonah joined a coalition of sufferers in a bid to run from God. He wanted to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. His antics did not prevail for long for he forgot that Yahweh is a God who is omnipresent. Yahweh had to fish him out of the ship into a fish. Jonah stayed there for three days before he was smoked out.

Yahweh had given Jonah an assignment. To Jonah, this was a tall order. Perhaps he forgot that Yahweh is all-powerful and could use him to do anything. The extent of the job had intimidated Jonah and jeopardized his joy of the Lord.

Jonah is no different from us. God has given us tasks to fulfil but they sometimes look impracticable. We can end up asking God, ‘Are you serious you are sending me to Nineveh?’ It is disturbing to forget that Yahweh is all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere. Interestingly, we are not better than Jonah. We just sin differently.

We are bound to make many blunders when we do not know the kind of God we serve. There is only one way to know the God we serve, and this is Jesus. Jesus is revealed in the Scriptures and it is smart when we develop a lifestyle of studying the Scriptures.

The way God works is wondrous. Can you imagine somehow He managed to make all things work for the good of Jonah? Can you imagine He finally made it possible for His message to reach Nineveh?

If you think you can run away from God’s gracious will for your life by hardening your human will, then you are kidding. You are plumb loco. When Yahweh wants to do something, He will do it whether we harden our hearts like Pharaoh or not.

We should learn to listen to His voice and get more of Him – through the Scriptures. In this way, we will be obedient prophets. 

 “The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.” 

C.S. Lewis

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