In the fantasy world

Looking through the grills of my window permits me to see the exquisitely set sky. Magnificent space lies before my naked eyes.

The flashing stars, the open space that looks unending. Infinite! Tremendous!

I am taken in by this extraordinary flares of nature. My mind cannot comprehend how this Universe works, but at least I can see stuff running.

Mark Twain would say that the sky is as dark as the inside of a cow.

But it is still a calm night.

And crickets are chirping in delight.

There is an intermittent sound of traffic. But I don’t know what kind of traffic.

As I hit my laptop keys with resolute fingers, I can’t stop but marvel at this Universe. This Universe, as it stands, astounds.

I take myself through space, in a graceful spacecraft. Finely built. Sharp and fast, exhilarating and breathtaking.

 I drift away. Faraway. Quite far. To a strange planet. Deep within the space. A terrifying yet adventuresome flight.

I want to know how it looks like. Are there, Martians? Does it support life?

I confidently settle on the cushioned seat and decompress. But I can’t avoid talking to myself and giggling all the way.

I sing my cheerful songs, talk to fantastic souls.

I go back to my infancy and remember fantasies.

It appears that the spacecraft is meandering through irregular space at supersonic speed.

I hope and pray that I don’t collide into NASA spy-in-the-sky. Wait a minute! This haulier is programmed, and I am way far into space.

Will I be able to see the armadillo? The mammoths and Mammut? Am I travelling back into the days of Hammurabi or into the infinity? Am I moving in space and time or space alone?

I can notice stuff I have never minded. I can perceive creatures I have never contemplated. White, black, red, blue, orange, purple, and perhaps colourless. Tall, short, stout, slender……and perhaps, not at all.

The giant Marabou Stork! The tiny pelican!

The purple ocean! The violet soil.

The green beaches stretching from coast to coast.

My journey stays. I think I have covered a zillion miles now. It is getting crisper, and I can hear humming movements in the space. Perhaps the spacecraft is being assaulted with projectiles discharged by Martians.

I press the gizmo that works like magic. It showcases the entire space on the screen. Did I say the whole space?

I am genuinely fancying before I sleep. And When I nap, the more I imagine. Of a fascinating world. A stunning universe. With lovely people.

I live in many worlds.

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