I know Whom I have believed

Our God is able. There is nothing impossible with God. He can add and subtract. He can multiply and divide. He can cause things out of nothing.

No one thing scares our God. He is supreme in wisdom and understanding. His actions are beyond our comprehension. Nothing He says comes to nought. Nothing He does comes to nothing.

His purpose cannot be thwarted by humans. He does what He wills and brings to pass the counsel of His mind.

He can change the course of history. He can shift the trajectory of science – to serve His purpose. He can change the politics and the economies of the world to dance along to His eternal beat. He can pull social strings and bring about His will. He can stroke the social pendulum to swing to His desires.

He asks for no one’s advice and He does not need human help in carrying out His strategies.

He is not overawed by anything – whether big or small, mundane or special, seen or unseen. Every soul and spirit is subject to His power.

Then, why should we be afraid? Why the trepidation and frenzy when we know whom we have believed! I am fully persuaded that He is able to complete that which He began. I know not many things, but this one I know. He will complete the work he began.

What if there is a work that He didn’t begin? It will end up in nothingness.

Now, what should I do? I must fully surrender to this God. My focus is this God. I have to love Him with everything I have – my strength, spirit, heart, mind. If I remove my focus from Him, then I would begin to see frightful things. I would start to see doom, gloom and damnation.

We need no more drama. What we ought to have are faith, hope and love. Yet most importantly we need love. Love should flow in plenty. Love for God and Love for humanity is the in-thing. For love is eternal. It transcends all boundaries; except the portals of hell.

And because our God is able, then we can ask Him to help us grow love, grow with love and grow in love. He can teach us how to love Him and love fellow humans. That is enough for us. That is how Jesus summarized God’s law – Love. And that is how he demonstrated it at Calvary. He showed that He loved God; by obeying Him, and He loved humanity; by serving and dying for us.

Love is the vertebrae of the Christian message. It is also the heart of the Christian message. Everything else – prophecy, teaching, pastoring, evangelism, apostleship – stems from Love and must be rooted in Love.

God is able because His love is extravagant. It is unlimited and is dispensed extravagantly. He is able because He makes everything beautiful in his time.

So, brethren, let us practice these basic and foundational Christian truths. Let us remember the LORD is able. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. If he gave His begotten Son, then He can give us that which we require as we go through this valley. And what more do we require other than Faith, Hope and Love!

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