I detoured the truth

I trudged the unbeaten rough road
And dragged an uncouth tough load
On my way to stupefaction and imbecility
Little did I studied and imbibed life

I sat on the roadside lower side of life
And on the lopsided view, I rowed my life
On my way were nothingness and emptiness
Little did I noticed and emptied my gods

I stood like a stooge and drooled like a drongo
And straightened my beaten back after parking
On my way to bloom and gloom
Little did I brandished and garnished my weapon

I dropped down from exhaustion as extinction beckoned
And looked up exhaustively as I begged for existence
On my deathbed, I groaned and gnawed
Little did I know that help was to helm me

I wondered and muttered in though wander
And one word warded off warlords
On my knees, I regained relief to live
Little did I know that His Love reigns even in rains

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