How to remain fruitful in and out of season

The fig tree was glowing, green, luscious, and had met all the criteria of a fruitful tree. However, it was frustrating to find such a tree had no fruit.

But Why?

Because it was not the season for figs. That is what the Bible says (Mark 11:13).

How do you expect fig trees to bear out of season?

Because the fig tree trusts in God. It does not trust humans, it does not trust itself. It does not trust in the elements.

This fig tree could be me.

It also could be you, my fellow believer.

And Jesus Christ of Nazareth will ultimately come calling. How will he find us when it is not our season of yielding?

That time when we are not in our elevation and element.

That time when we are physically destitute and depressed.

That time when we are emotionally embattled and emaciated.

That time when we are spiritually spongy and susceptible.

That time when we are mentally mesmerised and mercurial.

That is the time He comes for the fruit. That is the time He comes to check whether the First Love is still hot or it has become lukewarm. That is the time He shows up and expects to find the joy of salvation. That is the time He pops in like popcorn and lifts his arm to see if He can obtain the Peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

At this time, Jesus is hungry and wants something that has a taste of patience. The out of season time is that day when He longs for kindness from the tree. That is the time He asks, ‘where is goodness?’ That is the time His magnetism for faithfulness is an all-time high. That is the time when He wants us to be as gentle as doves. That is the time when He craves self-control.

Oh Jesus, why would you come when we are naturally out of season?

‘Because I expect you to be ready in season and out of season; produce the fruit all year round, work in the supernatural.’

Jesus of Nazareth, why did you come when I was as plain as a pikestaff?

‘Because you have to set your mind on the things above; beyond your current plains.’

So, Lord, help us, for we are very methodical but measly, very attractive but atrocious, very appealing but appalling. We promise heaven and deliver hell.

We produce nothing to support life. We produce nothing to nourish life. We quench no hunger. We give empty promises. We are good from far but far from good. We write cheques that others cannot cash.

We spend our lives peeling onions; we peel them unto the end and come to nought.

So, help us, God. To sing in times of both silver and sighs. To dance in times of daylight and darkness. To praise in times of plenty and peril. To worship in the time of wonder and worry. And give thanks in times of thrones and throes.

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