His love is loyal

The yokes of yaws held tightly like yokozuna
Tightening tirelessly with every tick-tock
Time running out as the ground teetered and teetotaler tottered
And the tinderbox timing signals tinkled without timidity

Yawning whacked my jaws weirdly
My jazz and jamboree jammed with jeers
Change challenged as a charade
And chants of chance charred with cheers

In despair and disruptive despondency
My voice void of vote and veto
Silenced by sickening sighs without serenity
Felt like fainting but feigned felicity

Woke up from this drama of drudgery and drowsiness
Willed to wheel from this wily wilderness
With wits and hearty heaves, I pushed
But overpowered still I felt
With the overdose of over-the-counter therapy

Only when I accepted the cross
That is when I stopped peeling onions
And the onslaught became once upon a time
Onward now I match like a marine with machismo
Though like one on steroids but not by my mighty and power
But by the Spirit of God

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