He will come to save you

‘Moses reported this to the Israelites, but they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and harsh labour’. Exodus 6:9.

The Israelites had heard enough of rhetoric from Moses about a great God. They wanted to see action now. They were bored with promises. They were longing for tangible things, material evidence, hard facts. They wanted to see things fall in place. Moses had talked to them about God of their forefathers, who was a Sovereign God. His Name is YHWH. They now wanted to see this God move in haste and power and smash their enemies. They wanted it done as fast as possible. Discouragement set in. Harsh labour could not be put up with anymore. However, they lacked the power to save themselves. They needed a Savior.

Many a time we find ourselves depressed and weary, after hard labour with no pay and ’empty’ promises from God. It even gets worse when we cannot help ourselves. We start doubting if God is still on the throne and if He still remembers us. It happens to many of us. Remember God did not fail to fulfil His promise to Israel. He finally delivered it. Not only did He deliver them from hard labour and discouragement but He also smashed their masters; Egyptians. Their labour in Egypt was not in vain, for they left Egypt with jewels of silver and gold. In fact, the Bible says they plundered the Egyptians.

 “and the LORD had given the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians so that they let them have their request. Thus they PLUNDERED the Egyptians”. Exodus 12:36. NIV. NLT uses the word, ‘stripped’. They were stripped of their possessions.

The Savior will finally come. He does not lie. He will not change His mind. When He comes, He restores all the strength, years and lives that the enemies took away. If anyone takes anything from you against your will, we call him a thief. He or she has stolen from you. The Bible in Proverbs 6:30-31 says that when a thief is caught he must restore 7 times of what he stole. The Egyptians paid seven times.

The Israelites stripped Egyptians of their possessions and left them naked. Israelites were now clothed in new glory of the Jehovah Almighty. The Egyptians were now stripped and naked. They had no covering. They were now walking in shame. They had put their trust in their wealth and they learned the hard way that wealth can literally fly. How does it feel to adorn in gold then the next minute you are naked? Ask the Egyptians for an answer. They were also blind; they could not realize they were naked and instead started pursuing the people adorned in the glory of God. You cannot pursue a people adorned in the glory of God when you are naked. It will never end well for you if you try it. God clothed the Israelites with His glory. The glory of God went before them, and their behind was secured.

God will surely come. Isaiah 55: 8-11. He is not a God of rhetoric. He is not a forgetful God. He does not alter His decree. It does not matter how dark it gets, He must come, just as He has promised. God is interested in our faith and not our fears.

“say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution, he will come to save you.” Isaiah 35:4 (NIV).

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