Guard your strategic asset

When your arrows obstruct the sun, what do you do? You fight in the shade.

 These were Spartans, they did not know loss. They did not capitulate until the last man.

 In Ancient times, when nations were gearing up for combat, an emissary from either side would be sent to the adversaries to persuade them to drop their arms and surrender; like in the Biblical story of Sennacherib and King Hezekiah.

At Thermopylae, a Persian ambassador ordered the Greeks to lay down their weapons, Leonidas hit back with, “Come and take them”.

 Leonidas and his handful men fought King Xerxes (believed to be the Biblical Queen Esther’s spouse) to the last man. Xerxes’ invasion failed as the Greeks won decisive victories at the Battles of Salamis and Plataea.

Thermopylae was a place of great strategic importance.

Never allow an enemy to find your place of great strategic importance. Protect your prime installations and military assets with all that you possess. Don’t lose your will to fight by dismissing prayer, Bible study, the assembly of brethren (the enemy first isolates, before he kills you), praise and worship. Before Satan destroys someone, he first separates them from the warmth of fellowship. You are at most vulnerable in solitary places.

He also dissuades you from prayer.  Prayer is the sweet-smelling offering that draws the attention of God like no other. In the same vein, he ensures that your spirit is weighed down with self-pity. You sink into sadness and hopelessness and cannot sing anymore. He steals praise and worship from your lips; so that the glory of God is diminished.

At the same time, he destroys your appetite for Bible study. He knows the power in the Word is enough to smoke him from your closet. Don’t be a Samson, and let the enemy take over your strategic asset. If he whispers to you, like in the garden of Eden, ‘hand over your prayer,’ fight back with the same prayer. The Egyptian sorcerers tried to scare Moses with snakes, but Moses fought back with a snake.

Are we together?

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