Growing in faith

In the Book of Mark 4:35-41, we encounter Jesus and His disciples caught up in a violent storm. Most likely, Peter is among them. He was such an effervescent member of Jesus’ ministry. They all panic except for Jesus, who is asleep.

The anxiety in disciples is so pronounced that you can feel it in their statement, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

Acts 12:6 paint a different picture. Peter has been arrested and is about to be executed the following day. Despite this, Peter is dead asleep. The man who was at one point outraged at Jesus for sleeping as the storm raged is the same man who is sound asleep on the eve of the day of his martyrdom.

This raises a fundamental question: What has changed from the time of the storm to this very time of persecution?

It appears that a great deal of transformation has taken place. The faithless Peter, who would panic at the slightest of the challenges of life, has now gone full circle. He is no longer the fearful, anxious, faithless man. He has morphed into a man of faith who can afford to sleep in the storm – just like Jesus.

No one who walks with Jesus remains the same (Acts 4:13). A palpable change is inevitable. The cowards become bold, the faithless start to wax in faith, the deaf can hear, the dumb can speak, the blind can see, and the amateurs become deft.

Keep walking with Jesus of Nazareth. He is the only true highway to a transfigured life. His fire pulverises pusillanimousness.

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