Grace, Love, Mercy and Kindness

The grace of His grants grandiose plan
The grace of His grasps green plains
The grace of His grinds Grim Reaper
The grace of His greets gross gangster

The love of His looks for lunatics
The love of His lives for lonely
The love of His lights for a lifetime
The love of His levels for liberty

The mercy of His makes murderers marvel
The mercy of His manoeuvres massive mountains
The mercy of His musters mega mazes
The mercy of His mellows messy militants

The kindness of His keeps kids kings
The kindness of His kindles kaput kitchen
The kindness of His kick-starts kingpins
The kindness of His knows knotty knots

The grace of His is indispensable
The love of His is important
The mercy of His is imperative
The kindness of His is impeccable

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