God is speaking

God of the Bible is a relational God. He speaks to the people He is in a relationship with. He is not a standoffish God. Though sometimes He may appear silent, the fact remains that there is always something He is stewing in silence. And finally, He shall speak when it is His time to do so.

In my Christian journey of two decades, God has spoken to me not once, not twice, not thrice but many times. He has spoken to me through friends just as it was in the case of Jonathan and David. He has offered directions through the Bible just like He did with King Josiah. He has communed with me through His men and women who teach from the sacred rostrum just like it happened to Israelites during Ezra’s time. On several occasions, the inner voice has presented me with counsel in the same way David was conscious-stricken when he cut off a piece of cloth from King Saul’s robe. He has used dreams, just like Joseph. Besides, He has employed nature to pass to me vital information in my Christian walk, just like Moses with the burning bush and Balaam with the talking donkey.

In some circumstances, God spoke, and I didn’t hear. I was busy with my own life, and my ears were shut off from Him.

On other occasions, He has spoken, and I wondered if He was really the one. It was the same case with Samuel; when God called him and he could not tell it. His mentor, Eli, could not decipher it until the fourth time.

Possibly God has been speaking to you, but you are too busy to discern. Maybe He spoke, and you heard, but you could not tell if He was the one. Peradventure He spoke, and you ignored like Prophet Jonah, son of Amittai.

Look around yourself. God is speaking. He does not necessarily have to say something you like. But at least He is speaking. He didn’t ell Jonah something He wanted. He didn’t send him to a place he loved.

Not everything He said to Abraham was likeable. How could He tell Abraham that his descendants will be slaves?

Listen to His voice. Even amid clutter and clammer, God is still Lord, and He still speaks.

He will instruct you, warn you and send you. As you learn to listen to Him, always remember that He will never give you instructions that contradict what has been revealed in His Word – the Bible.

I am still learning, and I will continue to learn from Him. He is my friend and communication is a powerful tool for friends. May He help us hear and obey Him.

“People are meant to live in an ongoing conversation with God, speaking and being spoken to.” Dallas Willard

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