Get the right trainer

It was a day like this, 2004, when one of the world’s best Heavyweight Boxing legend Holyfield got a shellacking from a somehow little known James Toney. Toney made praiseworthy moves; picking Holyfield apart. Though not popular at the time, Toney relentlessly outclassed and outpunched Holyfield. The iron in Holyfield’s chin melted, as punches rained from quicker hands. Pugilism aficionados and precisely fans of Holyfield argues that their big shot was already washed up at this time. Age had caught up with him. 

Mohammed Ali, the famous boxer of all time, passed on three years ago. Boxing history has that Mohammed was a ring terrorist of his time. He was a ferocious fighter, delivering lightning strikes that always caught his opponents off-guard. 

Cus D’amato, the man who trained Mike Tyson, was at one point the advisor and strategist for Mohammed Ali. D’amato was the master of peekaboo style. Many boxing enthusiasts believe that Tyson’s career began to wane when D’amato crossed the Styx.

Mohammed Ali and other boxing megastars will tell you that their honour did not come easy. Other world-beater sportsmen and sportswomen, such as Serena Williams, Sally Barsosio, Tecla Lorupe and Maria Sharapova, will not state otherwise. For Mohammed to be able to throw fists fast and dodge the opponents; for Tyson to floor opponents in the first round; for Holyfield, Dempsy, Mayweather, Pacquiao to dominate in their class, they had to train hard. And not just training hard but under a proficient trainer like D’amato.

Exercise your gift

Talents need training. And not just from anybody, but from the right people.

For us to be capable believers, we need to hone our gifts and talents. We are not supposed to neglect them – 1st Timothy 4:14.

There is an extra effort that is put into growing gifts and talents. It can only happen fruitfully under the right people. 

Timothy needed Paul. David needed Samuel. Peter needed Jesus. Joshua needed Moses.

Nature needs nurture. Garbage in Garbage out.

For the Iranians to get nuclear energy, they feed their centrifuges with uranium and not iron. For them to acquire nuclear weapons, they must enrich their uranium to 90% U 235.

God called us when we were in rudimentary form, but our Loving Father does not want us to remain embryonic. He wants us to become. In this growth, we have a part to play. And we need the right people to help us play this part.

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