Free Indeed

The Nazis were not Nazirites, though they purported to be so. They lived in a bubble until the Allied Forces came calling. They led a life of an inflated sense of importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled ties, and a lack of empathy for others. The rest of the humans were dimwits that needed to be vanquished. 

Nazis were nasty nags; gnawing at the fabric of human conscience and convictions. They had soaked themselves in blood, and their name spins horror images in my mind. I wasn’t there when they acted silly and in sully, but available documented accounts have the propensity and power to take me back to the 1930s and 1940s.

The Nazis maintained several concentration camps where alleged enemies of Fuehr and Nazi philosophy were exterminated. The Final Solution to the Jewish Question was executed in these camps.

The largest of them was located in Poland town of Auschwitz. The death camp was known as Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Recorded history gives us a glimpse into what went on within this bloody camp. Children, Women, Old people, young people and men were gassed, shot, beaten to death and burnt. Others were turned into laboratory specimens and used by Nazi scientists.

Escaping from Auschwitz was unheard of. This does not mean escape attempts were not made. Prisoners made several daring attempts. Unfortunately, all these failed and the victims were instantly executed. Nonetheless, there was one that turned successful. It took place in 1942 as four prisoners drove out of the camp into freedom; never to be caught again.

Kazimierz Piechowski, Eugeniusz Bendera, Stanislaw Gustaw Jaster and Józef Lempart decided to put their lives on the line after learning that one of them – Bendera – was to be executed. They took advantage of the flaws within the Nazi’s security apparatus and dashed through the manned gate while donned in security uniforms. They had stolen the camp commandant’s fastest car – the Steyr 220 – that they used to make a run for their lives. Steyr 220 was one of the fastest cars of the time.

The four escapees drove to a secure place, abandoned the car and then walked through forests to their freedom. The Nazis must have pursued them.

Bendera and his compatriots would only experience true freedom when the Soviets liberated the camp and Nazis defeated by the Allied forces. This account is in the public domain. So I wouldn’t want to dwell on the nitty-gritty for it will dilute the import of this post.

True Freedom

The account of these four chaps left me with questions. They became free when they left the manned gate of the Auschwitz camp. But they had to be watchful as this freedom could be short-lived. They had to drive as fast as they could. Main roads were to be shunned. The public appearance was to be limited. In a nutshell, they were free but not free indeed. Their ‘free indeed’ came when the Allied Forces overran Nazi Germans. The victory of the Allied Forces and defeat of the Nazis ushered in complete freedom. They would not walk in fear anymore. They would not restrict their movements anymore. They were not just free but free indeed.

This reminds me of the Israelites’ deliverance story. The account is recorded in the Book of Exodus 12. They became free when the Egyptians released them. Nevertheless, they were not free indeed for they kept looking back out of fear. Their calmness transformed into qualms. Their freedom appeared to be ephemeral as Pharaoh and his army ominously advanced after them. God intervened and the Egyptians were silenced forever.

“The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.” Exodus 14:13

The Israelites became free indeed when the threat of slavery hanging over their neck was eradicated with the drowning of Egyptians. No wonder Miriam broke into a dance. She was free indeed.

Being free indeed mean that fear, anxiety, worry and depression are no longer mastering us. These masters may still be there – as we are still in this wicked world – but the fact that they cannot have control over our lives is enough reason to make us break into a dance.

This is what Jesus meant by ‘Free Indeed’.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

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