Dishonesty at our heart

People trying to cut their teeth in atheism have specific questions they ask to challenge believers and seemingly shake their faith. There are no new questions. However, some of these questions can get you off-guard. To be honest, some of their questions are well thought out and intelligent.

On the other hand, most atheists ask questions not because they want to know the truth, but because they want to prove a point. Few are interested in the truth. Few would want to pursue an argument with the intention of coming to the truth.

There are many reasons why people ask questions. Most of the time, they are not really interested, and any answer you give will not help. It is dishonesty at the core of the heart.

Are you asking questions because you are sincerely interested in clarifications, or you are asking just to prove a selfish point and display dishonesty in your heart?

When you hear an atheist say they want to take you on the Omnipotency of God, then the ‘argument’ will go like this,

‘Can God make a sandwich so big he can’t eat it?’. Or, ‘Can God Make a Rock So Big He Can’t Lift It?’

God is infinite, and there can only be one infinite being (God is infinite, and two infinite beings cannot exist; that’s impossible).  If there were two infinite beings, then neither would really be infinite because they would each be limited by the other.  But an infinite being has no limits, so they can’t both be infinite.

If a rock is created that cannot be moved by an infinite being, then that rock must be infinite.

But if we have an infinite being and an infinite rock, we have two infinite beings.  That is a logical impossibility.

Once we understand what infinity means (without limit) and once we understand that God cannot violate the laws of logic (which are based on his own nature), then we can easily understand how God cannot make a rock so big he can’t lift it.  It’s like asking one infinite being to create another infinite being.  Not possible!!

It is like saying you want to make a square circle. That is logically impossible.

It is asking God to bring about a logically contradictory state to His own nature.

This is what is called a category mistake to say He can make something he can’t lift. It’s like asking a bachelor what his wife’s name is. What does the colour yellow taste like, colour doesn’t taste, so it is not a relevant question.

It is similar to asking ‘Who made God?’ That is a category error.

So this worn-out argument by atheists is illogical. Atheists gloat about how intelligent, and intellectual they are, and how they know how to apply laws of argumentation. But a careful examination of some of their arguments says otherwise.

Are you asking questions because you are interested in knowing the truth, or just to humiliate somebody, and make a name for yourself? The answer determines the next step in search of the truth.

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