Dance all the way

Music is the food of the soul, so it has been said. I am one kind of a person that listens to music regularly but not religiously. Fitting music probably makes the soul as fit as a fiddle. When travelling a long distance, music makes one arrive at his or her destination with bells on. Music and all that jazz is part of human culture, so to speak. It is music to my ear to write about music. It is a task that makes me march to the beat of my drum.

This reminds me of 2013 when I was travelling from Nairobi to Western Kenya. It was the month of December; a time when social events build to the highest crescendo. As such, there is increased travelling among the populace and this can occasion an acute shortage of public transport. This is what happened on the very day I was travelling. Initially, I had thought of boarding a bus that will see me get to Western Kenya expressly. However, what I witnessed at the bus stages made me consider singing a different tune lest I face the music. I decided to board a public van, popularly called matatu to Nakuru, then from Nakuru, I would board another one to Eldoret, and then finally find my way to Kitale. Therefore I found myself a matatu. It was as clean as a whistle. The driver would then leave the Nairobi town as he entertained us with assorted music. He was the one calling the tune as the passengers played the second fiddle. It appeared he was fond of old music and he did not make a song and a dance about contemporary music. I slept almost all the way. But there is an interesting song he played that made my heart, mind and body match to the same tune. It is a kind of a song that was produced many years ago and it brought back primary school memories. I hadn’t listened to it for a month of Sundays and you can imagine how I immediately struck a chord with it. The tune, words and rhythm kept ringing in my mind in a lingering manner.

To cut the long story short, I decided then and there that I would look for that song. That is what I did thereafter.

When listening to music, I always take note of individual sounds produced by various instruments. It is an amazing way of getting the best out music. Even the kind of music one would consider bad end up sounding good when I unpack it into its constituents. Accordingly, I would listen to a drum set, then the piano, the guitar, the trumpet and so forth. The genius employed by the one playing the drum is amazing. The creativity of the guitar player is incredible. That is the only way I realize that the chaps who produced the music were possessed with a genius spirit as the Ancient Greek would understand.

This is the same case with our lives. We like to complain about life and how tough it is. We scarcely take time to look at the ingredients of life and savour them individually. Life is good when we celebrate even the smallest things. Life is as clear as a bell when we live the days in a year and not the years in a year. There is always something good in life. There is always something good in music when we chose to listen to individual instruments.

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