About Me

Allan Endeheli is a born again Christian with eight years in ministry work. Allan has been consistently writing articles for four years with a bias in
Christian Apologetics, Inspiration, Meditations and Devotions. His articles are thoroughly
researched and grounded in the Scripture. He mostly does expository, persuasive, narrative and
descriptive writing. He is an active member of a local church.
Allan believes that all people should come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This
transformation should be followed up with continuous discipleship that ensures one is deeply
rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.
So this is the purpose of this blog; to provide a well that waters us daily and ensures that we get
past post-pubescence in spiritual matters.
Allan is married to a gorgeous godly woman called Leah. Together they have made up their
mind to serve one true God.
You are therefore invited to join him in the journey of knowing God and making Him known.

Things you did not know about Allan

i. Allan talks to himself audible, mainly when he is coughing hell out of his chest.
ii. To Allan, there is nothing as dull as watching a reality television show. Accordingly,
Allan would fancy watching documentaries to reality television any time.
iii. Allan loves fantasy. He would prefer watching a fantasy series than reality shows. He
considers fantasy as the highest level of creativity.
iv. When it comes to the real world, Allan only buys stories that are true. He has a low
tolerance for hearsay, speculations and conspiracy theories.
v. In 2017 Allan, and his sweetheart, Leah, were carjacked by three armed gangsters and
driven around for three hours. All they could hear were screams as gangsters went on a
robbing spree.
vi. On sixteen personality types created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, Allan is an
INFJ. The more unknowns he finds, the more excited he gets. He enjoys understanding
the complex reasons why people think, process, and behave the way they do.

You can interact with Allan via allanmairo@gmail.com. You are also invited to visit his
Facebook page.

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