How to traffic with the ever-changing seasons of life

Every year has seasons. Spring comes and goes, summer comes and goes, autumn comes and goes, and winter comes and goes. In Africa, dry intervals come and go, short rains come and go, long rains come and go, and cold days come and go.

There are times in life when it gets too cold to bear. The humidity hits rock bottom and this is the time when respiratory infections zoom in like Prezi. The prospects of sunshine become shadowy. We wish for a day when the sun can grin as we wallow in its sympathetic embrace.

There are times when it gets hot and dry, and a people crave for water. The drought can be destructive. At such a time we take a beating from diarrhoea, skin and eye infections. Food comes in short supply and water becomes as scarce as hen’s teeth. This is the time we yearn for a tree shade and even an afternoon thunderstorm hug.

There are times when rains pound with venom and vehemence. It gets murky and slippery. For the farmers, it is time for planting. It is time for mosquitoes to spread malaria. This is a time we long for equator sunshine; to dry the mud and warm sodden ground. Farmers get happy until the rains get the best of normalcy. It is rainforest weather!

Seasons of life

Life has seasons too. There are days when the sun smiles at you with a hideous face. And there are days when the rains strike like a cobra and leave a perverted life. In extreme cases, lives become lifeless and hopes get blasted. There are also other days when the sun’s smile is passionate and gracious. It reinvigorates our lives and set events in motion that result in productivity.

Just like these seasons, our moods oscillate like a pendulum – from left to right and back to left. We lament because of the rain, sunny weather, cold weather and dry spells. We always have something to complain about. This is not an archetypical Christian life. It is spiritual lunacy.

In each of these circumstances, we should never forget that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. We should not grumble lest we fail to reach the Promised Land. We must remind ourselves that the grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of God will stand forever.

If He says it will not rain for the next four years then we have no other recourse but to rejoice in Him continually.

Dancing can occur in the rain. Singing can happen in the sun. Nothing can, and should, stop us from having dinner down here.

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