Battling COVID-19

COVID-19 is upsetting the apple cart – with a destructive uppercut – and giving humanity the screaming abdabs. But humankind can choose to believe in the Almighty God and hence hold all the aces against this calamity. The Ancient of Days has already made it possible for us to play our ace and defeat this pestilence. Indeed, we are within an ace of vanquishing this plague. Our Achilles heel is wanton disregard of advice, high affinity for misinformation, conspiracies and myths. Our strength is Truth. You know what I mean; nothing but the Truth.

We have been on this planet for quite some time. We have witnessed the bubonic plague come and go. We have observed the Spanish flue come and go. Humanity resilience has been tested again and again.
As humanity, we are in no shortage of help; we have an ace up our sleeve. The faith in the Eternal one keeps us going. The evidence of things not seen is the gasoline that keeps the engine running even when winter hits hard and cold.

We are ahead of this game forced upon us, not because of our human ingenuity or effort but because the Alpha and Omega is in charge. That is the reason we don’t run amok my sisters. That is the reason we don’t have ants in our pants, my brothers.

Fellow siblings, this is not a time to become an armchair critic. It is not time to be art and part of the problem. This is not time to be involved up to our armpits. Furthermore, it is not time to be asleep at the wheel. Instead, fellow siblings, at this time when the atmosphere is tense and dense, we should go back to the square one. Relook into ourselves, examine our conduct with fellow humans and amend ways. This calamity is schooling us, brethren! We are in the school of hard knocks. I believe we are going to graduate soon, and I hope whatever lessons we pick from this university are exercised. Let us not get out of the woods and still be babes in the woods.

True, this is a bad quarter of an hour. The whole ball of wax is a whole new ball game! We have never been here! We were not here during the Spanish Flu. We were not here during the bubonic plague. But we have the ball at our feet: God has incrementally blessed humanity with knowhow. Scientifically speaking, we are not where we were a century ago. God has given us the energy and the grit to dance our way out when the band begins to play. You can dance and sing your way out of anything thrown your way.

Right off the bat, let us get to the first base, like a bat out of hell. That is half the battle; observing precautions given by the authorities. The next step is the be-all and end-all; draw upon God, look unto Him-the author and the finisher of our faith. Be full of beans, even when you don’t have a bean. Now you are loaded for bear!

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