Back to the basics

Humanity is hot and bothered. Because humanity has suddenly come to terms that we are living on borrowed time. Our hearts have sunk into our boots, and our exaggerated lives are but just borrowed plumes. Our economy is bumping along the bottom and there is not a brass farthing. The circumstances we find ourselves in poke borak at us and we find it hard to hit back in kind. Working with our fingers to the bone, we have thrown boots and all at this ogre but it seems that it keeps coming. Nevertheless, we know the boot will be on the other foot.

Kenyans can sometimes go crackers. They are trying to tell the government, “I wasn’t born yesterday.” They are tired of bread and circuses. “The government is Caesar’s wife.” “The government cannot give us a cock-and-bull story. But can the government be so dumb to try to fool all Kenyans, the WHO, the CDCs and the hawk-eyed media? It is not judicious! It is absurd to imagine the government is that shallow. It is akin to saying that all guys in media are stupid, all guys at WHO are silly, all the guys at CDC and other bodies are silly too! That is a logical impossibility. I wouldn’t imagine the government can bow down in the house of Rimmon at such a time – when the whole world is alert! But this also says something about the government: it has lost the trust of her citizens. So, as it even fires a warning shot across the bows, the government has a pretty hard row to hoe in terms of propping up Kenyans trust. Trust is so damaged that common sense is no longer common.

Let us get down to brass tacks. This calamity could prove to be the best thing since sliced bread. But why? This pandemic could be having us as its breakfast, yet it is making us as bright as a button. Can you imagine we have been taught hand hygiene since kindergarten! Can you imagine we have been taught house fellowships since the times of the Acts of the Apostles! Can you imagine we have been taught the importance of family togetherness since times immemorial! Can you imagine we have been taught how life is fickle and fleeting since ancient times! Can you imagine we have been taught how material wealth is vanity since the beginning of times! Can you imagine for so long we have been taught how this life can swing like a pendulum! Can you imagine our acumen, plastic hopes, intellects and riches are coming down like a ton of bricks!

This corona stuff is not only driving us nuts but back to the basics too. We are going back to the starting point.

It has made us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It will never be business as usual. Our card up our sleeves is useless. Eternity has moved from the back of our mind to its fore.

We should find something eternal to live for before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Anyway, keep your chin up.

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