As the deer panteth after the water brooks

Our world is chock-full of events that it becomes easier said than done to follow through some of them. However, there are sporadic salient happenings that cannot go unnoticed.

It is the same case with Jesus; even the blind could tell he was passing by. Jesus’ presence was always prominent. This does not mean everyone around Him benefited. It means that those who took a keen interest in Him like Bartimaeus and the Woman with the issue of the blood are the ones who went back smiling.

It’s a world of haste

Something worth noticing happened early this month. The United States military successfully tested its Minuteman III ICBM to verify its reliability and accuracy. It is noteworthy that these ICBMs have been in use for decades and it is in order to find militaries of the world periodically testing their war machines. This type of ICBM flies at speed north of 24,000Km/hr! This ICBM takes 20 minutes to reach North Korea. Its supersonic speed is for a purpose. Nothing just moves in haste for waste. No one would start running without apparent reason. It is not possible to see one walk briskly while going nowhere.

Human beings either walk fast or run when they are in a hurry; most likely to catch something. When the distance is demanding and time is limited, then humans resort to other means of transport such as vehicles, trains, and aeroplanes.

Kingdom Business is all about Movement

The King’s business requires haste and the Kingdom’s transactions do not provide a market stall for those who want to stagnate or retrogress. Movement – walking, running, flying – are hallmarks of citizens who are spiritually alive and healthy. Even if you cannot run, just walk, for movement in the Kingdom is a sign of life. In fact, Paul in Corinthians 9:24 alludes to this. Hebrews 12:1-2 tells us to run with endurance the race set before us. Isaiah 40:31 has a promise to those who wait for the Lord: their stamina and strength are never depleted. Paul once more talks about the race in 2nd Timothy 4:7 and Galatians 5:7.

Our souls pants for God

Our souls need to pant for God as the deer pants for the water brooks (Psalm 42:1). Our spiritual thirst should be a catalyst that jerks us into movement; a movement towards God. A deer cannot live without water, and it will seldom rest till it gets to the water brooks. We cannot remain spiritually alive without God. We must run without stopping until we find rest in Him.

Consider these points.

  1. A deer drinks several times per day. How many times in a day do we drink from His sources?
  2. A deer drinks more water when the weather gets hot. When things around and about our lives get hot that is the time we should seek to drink more from His source.
  3. Scientific evidence shows that deer, specifically the mature once, prefer staying close to water sources. Make your abode close to His sources. The more you mature in the kingdom, the more you discover that you need to stay close to His sources.
  4. Deer go for water before going for food. Do we ever priorities the things of God?

It is high time we started running after our destinies just like the deer. Our consistent and persistent movement will circumvent inertia and usher in privileges of the One who is the centre and the circumference of our existence.

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