Are we ducklings or eagles?

I am assuredly informed by a sage that the term ‘horsepower’ was invented by James Watt. As I write this am casting a measured glance at my light bulb. A measured glance so that the tranquillity and integrity of my eyes are not imperilled. The bulb is an immortalization of James Watt. Watt did some impressive computations and helped us understand how to measure the power produced by engines. Watt outwitted the ‘what’ question and gave us a solution. The world needs answers. Our communities need answers. And we are the folks to provide those answers. For we have the power of God working in us. The power that we can tap into and find solutions to the puzzles of our time.

At one time, we have used a vehicle to move from one point to another. A car is considered to be “high performance” if it has a lot of power relative to the weight of the car. This makes sense — the more weight you have, the more power it takes to accelerate it. For a given amount of power, you want to minimise the weight and maximise the acceleration. This, in additions to others, is the reason some cars are faster than others. Sometimes, it is prudent to shed off unnecessary weight, unless you aren’t interested in reaching your destination fast.

The most fascinating thing is that not all the power in the car is harnessed. Not all the 575 horsepower in the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sports SVR is put down on the tarmac. Meaning you have astronomical power at your disposal that is seldom used. And that is the scenario with our lives. We hardly ever use all the power within us. We just scratch the surface. There are thousands of football players, rugby players, Musicians, thespians, writers and loads of talents who are yet to discover themselves and consequently yet to be discovered.

Myles Munroe once said, “Don’t die old, die empty. That’s the goal of life. Go to the cemetery and disappoint the graveyard.” Myles Munroe lived by his maxim maximally. Quit being a duckling when you are an eagle.

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