All things work together for our good

The Romans had a fair supply of gods and goddesses. Theirs was a society of Pantheons. There were gods and goddesses for fertility, home and hearth, wine and partying, hunting, fire and the underworld, harvest and wisdom. They would turn to a specific god to sort out a specific issue within his/her domain. Perhaps if Julius Caesar had consulted the gods and goddesses of his Republic then he would have known of a plot to eliminate him that was plotted by senators. Probably Mark Anthony’s feet would have been swift in running to warn him of existing mortal danger in Curia Julia.

The practice of Pantheism has been with humans for many years. It is a still practised across the world and adherents number in millions. Lately, these practices have been costumed in new attire and sprayed with a sweet-smelling perfume to produce the so-called New Age Movement – a philosophy that is self-defeatist. A conglomeration of Eastern mysticism, Western materialism and narcissism have pervaded humanity’s social fabric with a promise of at best, alleviating pain and suffering, or at worst living beyond them.

God has not left any vacuum that has to be filled by men’s unfulfilling philosophies. He is found right where you are. The Christian God is a relationship God. He is in that matatu you board. He is in that SGR train you intend to board on your way for a holiday on the Kenyan coast. He is on that aeroplane. He is in the boardroom, in the office, in your car, in your sitting room. He is omnipresent. He is the centre and the circumference of this life. He will still be with us even when we decide to make a bed in Halifax.

His hiddenness does not mean His absence. He does not always appear in a way directly accessible to our physical senses. In most of the time, our spiritual senses are dull. He is apparent to those who put their complete trust and faith in Him. The one who watches over you will neither slumber nor sleep. The pain, suffering, disappointment, discouragement, frustration, fear, anger, anxiety, failure and all the ugly monstrosities that keep rearing their ugly heads cannot abbreviate the fact of God’s love towards us.

God has an eternal perception of our lives. He sees the end from the beginning. He understands the Omega before there is an Alpha. He looks at your life as a whole.

It can be quite annoying if you gave me wheat flour to eat, followed by water to drink, then cooking oil, and other ingredients separately, instead of chapati. It is nauseating to imagine one can separate these elements and fancy devouring them. However, something happens when they are put together and taken through fire. The end product is not just palatable but delicious too.

Sometimes your life looks futile and purposeless because your prism of looking at it is narrow and astigmatic. You are severing the elements in your life and savouring them individually. That is not how God wants you to view it, for all things are working for your good.

“That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.” Romans 8:28 (MSG)

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