A time to trust in God

Working like a Trojan, keeping our noses to the grindstone, having tricks of the trade or a trick worth two of that, does not necessarily bring success, that is, as humans define it. Success comes from the Almighty God. That is tried and true. He is the one who supplies all that we need – and takes away that which we don’t need, or rather that which is shaped and formed into a golden calf.

That does not take away our part to play. But the point is that the part we play is necessary but not sufficient.

This is the very reason to place our whole trust in God. This is timely since the days – which have always been evil – have become considerably evil with the COVID-19. God has all things in His hip’s pocket. He has always provided and He will do it again. He has always protected and He will do it again. This is supposed to eradicate tendencies obvious in times of distress – behaving like a hen with one chick. Worry and anxiety should be nowhere near our campsite. Remember this world is like a campsite – a time comes when we fold the tent and fade away.

Harp on the same string – the string of faith in God, and our eyes will be opened to a string of blessings He has for us.

The great and the good people of God! The Almighty is in complete control. No devil is on the steering wheel. Even if it were so, then it would be God who has let him run riot – just like in the days of Joab. But you still have the power to read your riot act. That his derangement has an end is undebatable.

Cheer up, sing praises, yell for joy, for Christ is alive and is our only sure hope – not any man or woman.

Read your bible, let Him speak to you. Pray and connect with Him. Run service in your hell’s kitchen until it becomes a holy kitchen.

Don’t let your gasket blow because of the perilous times. It is not time to run out of gas. Rather it is the moment when we ought to step on the gas and run wild with praise. Notice the opportunity in the pointless and take time by the forelock.

Come on, guys! It is our finest hour. Put your finger in the dyke! The dust will ultimately settle, but we must not be like a dying duck in a thunderstorm.

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