A peculiar people

Subdue the routine! Shun the mediocre.

Discard the cheap. Divorce the conventional.

Runaway from the familiar.

Espouse heterogeneity. Welcome new things.

Fall in love with ingenuity.

Get espoused to exceptional.

Let the Holy Spirit have an uninhabited position in your life.

Do not impose groundless lockouts.

Do not declare blind no-fly-zones.

For it is a time to bust through ranks.

Ruth had to do internal battles and determine where to go.

She had to overcome the urge of going back to the familiar place.

She had to subdue the nudge to go back to that accustomed place.

She had to cross borders and embrace a different worldview.

I bet it wasn’t an effortless fight, but she won anyway.

Sometimes we have to crush internal battles.

Even though they are the toughest of them.

We have to get out of comfortable places.

We have to shift from what we are used to and hug what we are not used to.

We have to welcome the unknown and displace the known. We have to break aesthetic barriers and preconceived constraints.

We have to be Ruth-minded!

A fierce battle, indeed!

Of breaking the Routine

But we have to do it

For we are a peculiar people

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