A friend and Lord

At the last supper, we find Apostle John resting on Jesus’ chest as He talks about the betrayal and impending suffering. We can only lean or rest on the chest/shoulder of a friend. Jesus called those who followed Him ‘friends’.

Rev.1:17 shows Apostle John bowing down in reverence. Apart from being a friend, Jesus is also Lord and God. He must be revered by all those who follow Him.

A friend like Jesus offers us rest in a weary land. A Lord like Jesus offers a guarantee of daily victory. A friend and Lord sound like a paradox, but that is who He is.

This is one reason to have a party always. It is the reason that should make us celebrate every day. We can sing and dance continuously. I am not waiting for a certain day in the future to start partying and praising. I am already doing that. This fundamental reality dispels the fear of Satan. We don’t have to harp about Satan all day as if he were very powerful. Our lives are safe and secure. Our lives are in God’s hands.

Satan is defeated. We sometimes give him credit that he doesn’t have. He only exercises authority to the level permitted by Jesus. We should always remember that Jesus is all-powerful. Following Him daily should be our ultimate goal.

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