Rise from the ash

The risen Lord is revealed to us

And the risen hope is realistic to us

That we can rise from ashes is the great reassurance

And that is life beyond realms



The risen Lord has liberated us

And the risen glory is live in us

That we can rise from the pit is great liberty

And that is light beyond limbo



The risen Lord is redemption to us

And our trust is not rust

As Christ lasts in us

And that is truth beyond truce



The risen Lord is victory to us

And the risen joy jolts us into jubilation

That we can rise from jostling and jitters is grandeur grace

And that is victory beyond victim



The risen Lord is strength to us

And the awaken power pulverizes putrefactions of punishment

That we can rise from weakness and wickedness is wonderment

And that is a move from strength to strength



Oh now rise ye sullen life

And swell with sufficient summer sun

For there is life beyond ridges of testing

And that is sure truth that suffice

And surpasses surfaces of success

2 Responses to "Rise from the ash"

  1. Destry says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.