He is also a God of details

Recently there was a feature that ran on one of the national televisions showing a man in some part of Western Kenya who rears crickets. The man had decided to rear crickets instead of the traditional source of meat for two major reasons.  Firstly, crickets’ financial returns are excellent. Secondly, crickets are a great source of lean proteins. They contain all essential amino acids. He gave another reason; crickets rearing are eco-friendly compared to other sources of meat.   In addition, they contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

The man crushes mature crickets into four that is now sold to make treats such as porridge.

This story did not make me squeamish as my cultural orientation encouraged entomophagy at an early age.  However, it was surprising that someone has gone ahead to make economic sense out these nutritious bugs.

As some of the humans continue to demolish insects as a delicacy, there are others who would scream and scamper for dear life at the sight of an insect. There are those who have a phobia for crickets, cockroaches, and even termites. Others would abandon their exquisite dwelling just because it has been visited by a spider and probably this spider has no intention of visiting evil on them.

These insects, arachnids and other bugs may be tiny but they can be a menace to many. We get so concerned with these creatures that we have to buy pesticides in the name of controlling them without thinking about their unintended effects. Yeah, they may be small, but these bugs are significant. We cannot overlook them. They vex us. We eat them. They scare us but we still manage to chomp them.

Yes, He takes note of those small matters

The Book of 2 Kings 6:1-7 records an account when Prophet Elisha and his buddies were chopping down trees to build a house that could accommodate them comfortably. Regrettably, one of the axes, that had been borrowed, sank to the bottom of the river. Interestingly Elisha just whipped out a stick, placed it on the surface of the water and the axe head inexplicably appeared floating. With that miracle, the borrowed axe was recovered.

The God of the Bible is not only involved in major events in our lives but He also takes note of small matters and intervenes to save us and bring glory to His name. He is touched by the small foxes vexing your soul. He is aware of the tiny affairs and experiences in our lives. His purpose is to have an intimate relationship with Him. We need to reach a level whereby we realize that every matter in our lives matters to Him. Take some time and contemplate on this stuff. What is that thing you think that it is immaterial? Bring it before Him in prayer.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

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